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A new decade of gaming has just begun, giving players hope that the future will bring fresh and unforgettable experiences. We, as fans just like you, have decided that there’s no better way to get 2020 off to a great start than launching our own video game website.

Given that you’re already gracing us with your presence, chances are that you’re at least somewhat familiar with the „Press X To Start a New Game” quote — in all its many variants across all the old & new gaming-dedicated platforms.

While the “X” may suggest that we’re focusing solely on Microsoft and its well-established Xbox brand, it’s not entirely true — as the people behind this all-new website you’re reading right now (hopefully, it won’t be your last time with us) come from different backgrounds. Long story short, it means that you can expect to see us extend our coverage to all things related to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC, VR, and even the divisive Google Stadia — which may change the way we play games like never before.

But who are we, exactly? Gameplay Mechanix is run by a wonderfully dysfunctional duet — Bartosz Sobczak & Josh Berger — one currently living in Chile and dreaming about the rich culture of Japan on a daily basis, while the other is enjoying the Polish Experience® somewhere deep in Central Europe.

That short information should help you realise that we will do our very best to put the digital spotlight on the incredibly varied and colourful video game development of Poland and Japan — while also delivering you all the biggest gaming-related news regularly in a simple but informative form.

If you’re even slightly interested in the worlds of Cyberpunk, Final Fantasy, Dying Light, Sekiro, Shadow Warrior, Devil May Cry, Outriders, Nioh, Chernobylite, Mario, Lords of the Fallen, Yakuza, and many more, be sure to give us a fair chance — we will do everything we can to live up to your expectations.

Without further ado — buckle up and press the ”X” — your new journey begins right now.