UPDATE: Bing Yang's PS4-Exclusive LOST SOUL ASIDE Is Still on Track for a 2020 Release


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UPDATE: Bing Yang's PS4-Exclusive LOST SOUL ASIDE Is Still on Track for a 2020 Release

While Lost Soul Aside was announced a while ago, we know little about Bing Yang's sandbox title inspired by NieR and Final Fantasy — fortunately, one thing hasn't changed since the game's reveal and the jRPG's debut is still scheduled for 2020.

Although the artist used to develop his dream title on his own, now he's got the support of studio Ultizero Games — a young developer formed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Yes, Bing Yang's original vision of the project was so convincing that Sony has decided to invest in the project and its creator (under the umbrella of the company's startup-friendly China Hero Project).

As revealed in a new report by Xinwen Zongheng, Bing Yang is confident that his original production will launch this year. The milestone in 2020 is to release this game. We are shaping the game as best as we can do, not just only for the players who keep supporting us, but also for our investors to have a better business return. In the long run, I hope that we can let this IP travel further, by accumulating experience, so that our team may deliver something not just in this genre, but also in other genres,” Bing explained.

It definitely sounds like the designer is already thinking about turning Lost Soul Aside into a proper franchise, and with Sony's help, he may actually achieve his ambitious goal sooner rather than later. 

Considering that Lost Soul Aside in expected to launch at some point this year, it's safe to say that we will learn more about the project in the coming weeks. In the meantime, be sure to check out the game's announcement trailer down below:

UPDATE: The studio just announced on Twitter that Bing Yang's words have been misquoted by the press and Lost Soul Aside's reported release window isn't a certain thing just yet. 

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Lost Soul Aside is coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 in 2020.

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