Over 30 Minutes of Action-Packed DISINTEGRATION Gameplay Footage Have Been Released Online


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Over 30 Minutes of Action-Packed DISINTEGRATION Gameplay Footage Have Been Released Online

The original creators of Halo may have gone their separate ways, but one of them — Marcus Lehto — is planning to finally return to the gaming industry at some point this year with an original first-person shooter — titled Disintegration.

In two new videos, IGN has released over 30 minutes of never-before-seen Disintegration gameplay footage, giving us our first good look at the upcoming title. The videos put the spotlight on the game's campaign mode, where you play as a rebel named Romer. The main protagonist is "Integrated," which basically means that his "human brain was removed and surgically encased into a robotic armature."

In Disintegration, the Integrated were supposed to be the cure for the world's biggest problems (including climate extremes, overpopulation and food shortages), but something went horribly wrong, with some of them now seeking to destroy any remaining humans — preferably by forcing their "integration." As Romer, you'll try to save Earth and its remaining habitats by fighting back to destroy the regime once and for all. 

Disintegration is the first title from VI Interactive, a "small game studio located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest." While the team isn't the biggest one, the studio is still planning to deliver a mesmerising experience that can be played solo (in the story mode) or with other players in the online component, where "pilots and their crews compete in three exciting game modes across a variety of maps."

Without further ado, be sure to learn more about Disintegration in the aforementioned videos down below:

Disintegration is a new sci-fi first-person shooter set in the near future on Earth where the only hope for human survival is through Integration, a process developed to preserve human brains in robotic armatures. You play as Romer Shoal, a former Gravcycle pilot in command of a small Integrated resistance still grasping onto fading memories of their human selves. With the domineering Rayonne forces set on eliminating the final remnants of human society, it’s up to Romer and his crew of Outlaws to fight back and reboot humanity. Pilot a variety of armed Gravcycles and command your crew on the ground by leveraging a variety of unique unit abilities and mastery of your own personal arsenal to dominate the battle.

Disintegration is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (via Steam) in 2020.