CI Games Is Considering Establishing a New Studio to Make a Sequel to LORDS OF THE FALLEN


Source: Bankier

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CI Games Is Considering Establishing a New Studio to Make a Sequel to LORDS OF THE FALLEN

Although the original co-creators of Lords of the Fallen from Deck13 Interactive did manage to land of their feet after the divorce with CI Games — as The Surge has been turned into a full-blown game series — the other studio wasn't so lucky. 

The sequel to 2014's Souls-like game was originally supposed to be made (and finished) by Defiant Studios — an independent AAA developer founded in New York City in 2016 — but after over a year of active development, Defiant's LoTF2 was canned in May 2019.

At that time, CI Games addressed the issue in a press release that reads as follows: "The termination of the agreement was submitted due to inadequate execution by Defiant [of] a key work stage (milestone no. 11), a so-called vertical slice."

Since then, we haven't heard anything new about Lords of the Fallen 2 — but CI Games is seemingly getting ready to restart the works on the troubled production. The studio also is simultaneously producing at least two new entries in the Sniper Ghost Warrior series, hoping to release a sequel to Contracts this year.

According to Bankier, CI Games is planning to establish a brand-new studio with the sole purpose of co-developing a new Lords of the Fallen game alongside the main team in Warsaw.

While we know next to nothing about LotF2, the company's CEO Marek Tymiński recently sent a message to investors, revealing that CI Games will partner with independent contractors on the planned sequel. 

Given that the main chunk of development on LoTF2 hasn't even started yet, it's not really surprising that the long-delayed production is being developed with PC and next-gen consoles in mind.