Developer Ready at Dawn Is Reportedly Working on a Next-Gen Sequel to THE ORDER: 1886


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Developer Ready at Dawn Is Reportedly Working on a Next-Gen Sequel to THE ORDER: 1886

The Order: 1886 wasn't exactly a huge hit with critics and players, but it did a pretty good job establishing its Victorian universe — unfortunately, the team at Ready at Dawn has been silent about a potential sequel to 2015's story-driven video game.

Actually, Ready at Dawn hasn't launched a single major title since 2015, mostly focusing on smaller VR titles.

Although nothing has been officially announced regarding an Order: 1886 continuation yet, rumor has it that the makers of God of War: Ghost of Sparta are working on the second chapter of Sir Galahad of the Round Table's story.

According to NeoGAF poster OsirisBlack, Ready at Dawn's next title is, quite surprisingly, set in the Order: 1886 universe. Before you completely dismiss this information basing on the fact that it was posted on a shady forum, OsirisBlack was one of the people who revealed accurate details on the PlayStation 4 Pro long before Sony showed it in 2016, so there's a small chance that his recent revelations are grounded in reality.

Although the leaker didn't name-drop the game's title directly, it's clear that he was talking about another Order game — as the original also tasked you with killing werewolfs. If you want to read OsirisBlack's post in its entirety, visit the source, while here's an excerpt with the most interesting details on the alleged gameplay trailer:

"Another set of eyes opens as it runs across the room at him [the main character]. You can see the impact of the weapon punching holes in this thing as it makes its way across the room. The man backpedals and falls down (Monster is right on top of him at this point) over something as he is trying to get away. He fires off a few more shots while on his back and scampers to his feet. The monster still chasing he makes his way into the next room and slams the door behind him. You hear a series of clicks and other weird noises coming through the door. The man leans up against it and you hear a deep inhalation come from the other side of the door like the creature is sniffing around for his scent. The man is breathing heavily and removes one hand from the door and clutches his side, blood is running down his side and his pant leg and pooling under the door."

Obviously, it's impossible to say how accurate the description is, but we do know for a fact that Ready at Dawn is developing a big-budget third-person action title — that may release for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Whatever it is, Ready at Dawn's next attempt at making a blockbuster video game may be announced at some point this year, maybe even during one of the events dedicated to one of the next-gen consoles. For the time being, please take any unconfirmed reports on The Order: 1886's sequels with a huge grain of salt.

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