RUMOUR: A Sequel to MARVEL'S SPIDER MAN Is Coming to PS5 in 2021; Will Remain Focused on Peter Parker


Source: GamesRadar

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RUMOUR: A Sequel to MARVEL'S SPIDER MAN Is Coming to PS5 in 2021; Will Remain Focused on Peter Parker

There's no denying that Insomniac Games' Marvel: Spider-Man was a successful experiment and many players would love to put their hands on another adventure with Peter Parker as fast as possible — and chances are that it may actually happen next year.

The news may originate from Reddit, but there's a reason why we're covering it — as it was originally posted by v17447377. The user's name probably doesn't ring any bells for you, but he's actually responsible for all the Resident Evil 3: Remake details that had leaked online long before Capcom announced the title last December. As always, it's nothing official, so take it with a big grain of salt. Here we go:

According to v17447377's sources, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 won't be available for PlayStation 4, as Insomniac is focusing on its next-gen successor and doesn't want to be limited by the old machine's hardware.

The sequel will reportedly be announced at some point this year, launching in the holiday period of 2021.

Apparently, New York will remain the main playground, with the sequel allowing you to swing through "the added renditions of a few boroughs like Queens and Brooklyn" beyond Manhattan during winter months.

When it comes to the plot, Spider-Man 2 may revolve around Oscorp Industries attempts at "cloning" — but it's not clear what it means. The sequel will also "hint towards a larger Marvel Universe out there."

As for the rogue gallery, v17447377 mentions the following villains who will stand in Peter's way: Venom, Green Goblin, Carnage, Mysterio, The Lizard and Cardiac. 

While the sequel will remain focused on Peter Parker, Miles Morales will have a much bigger role compared to the first game, as Peter will try to train Spy-D over the course of the game. Miles will also be a playable hero, with "slightly different powers and fighting style" than Peter. Flash Thompson, Harry Osborn, Ben Urich, Aaron Davis, Eddie Brock may also make an appearance in the title. 

As revealed by the Reddit user, Insomniac is apparently developing a Diablo-esque dungeons mechanic to make the game's side activities more exciting. "For example, a bank Robbery might occur, but it will differ in enemy placement, different type of combat encounter (stealth or traditional combat), different types of enemies, different combat layout and mini objectives, etc. This will be featured throughout the game's crime system," v17447377 explained. 

There's no denying that the team at Insomniac is hard at work on the next entry in its Marvel's Spider-Man saga, but it's obviously hard to say if these revelations are true. For the time being, we would recommend waiting for any officially moves from Sony before activating your Marvel's Spider-Man 2 hype engines.