Spy Dijkstra Will Be Introduced in the WITCHER S2; THE HOBBIT's Graham Mctavish Auditioned for the Role


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Spy Dijkstra Will Be Introduced in the WITCHER S2; THE HOBBIT's Graham Mctavish Auditioned for the Role

The Witcher universe is populated not only by farmers, monsters, wizards and knights — as the second season of Netflix's smashing hit will introduce casual fans of the series to Sigismund Dijkstra — one of the best elite spies on the Continent. 

According to Redanian Intelligence — a website dedicated to all things Witcher-y — the second season will start filming in less that a month, which means that Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich and her team might start revealing first concrete details on the show's future in the coming days. 

As reported by Redanian Intelligence, Netflix is already working hard to pick one perfect actor to play Dijkstra — and chances are that Graham McTavish will land the role.

McTavish recently shared his audition tape — and while the video doesn't actually reveal the real name of the character he was auditioning for, chances are that the mysterious "David" actually stands for "Dijkstra" — as Netflix usually uses fake names during the casting process.

You may have seen McTavish in the Hobbit trilogy, where he portrayed Dwalin — one of the very few Dwarves anyone actually remembers. McTavish also starred in Aquaman, Outlander and John Rambo. Quite interestingly, McTavish is no stranger to video games and their adaptations, as he lent his voice to Netflix's Castlevania, Halo: Wars 2, Assassin's Creed III, among countless others. 

The Witcher S2 is not the only Witcher-related content Netflix is producing — as The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf animated movie from the Legend of Korra makers is also on its way to the small screen.

Although Netflix keeps the Witcher casting news under wraps, you can take a look at McTavish's audition script RIGHT HERE, while the mirrored version of the now-deleted original video is available down below:

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