Team Ninja Would Like to Make a Brand-New NINJA GAIDEN Game, NIOH 2 Director Fumihiko Yasuda Says


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Team Ninja Would Like to Make a Brand-New NINJA GAIDEN Game, NIOH 2 Director Fumihiko Yasuda Says

Team Ninja may be one busy game development studio, but it seems that the award-winning Japanese creators of Dead or Alive 6, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order and NiOh 2 would really like to make a brand-new Ninja Gaiden title. 

The long-awaited sequel to NiOh is right around the corner — heading exclusively to PlayStation 4 on the 13th of March — so it comes as no surprise that the game's Director Fumihiko Yasuda does his best to promote his latest, and also upcoming projects. In a recent interview with IGN, Yasuda revealed that bringing back the fan-favourite Ninja Gaiden series would be a dream come true for him and his crew. 

"The core members of the team that worked on Ninja Gaiden want to make a new game,” Yasuda said. “We are aware that some fans wanted Ninja Gaiden more than NiOh 2. Now we see a lot of ninja games like [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice] as well, and we see a lot of good inspirations in those games, so we hope to deliver some good news one day.

Considering that the last major Ninja Gaiden game was released back in March 2012, Yasuda's statement reflects many players' sentiments, as the original setting of Ninja Gaiden is something fans have been missing ever since the threequel's moderately successful debut.

At the time of this writing, Koei Tecmo had not revealed any plans to make a new Ninja Gaiden video game.

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