Check out This Awesome, and Hilarious Animated Launch Trailer for DEAD CELLS' "The Bad Seed" DLC


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Check out This Awesome, and Hilarious Animated Launch Trailer for DEAD CELLS'

Dead Cells is one of those games that, once you start playing, enthrals players; this is all thanks to the people over at Motion Twin, who have made this Metroidvania title quite the memorable one; with tonnes of content for players to sink their teeth into.

It isn't just the fact that Dead Cells is brimming with content since day one, as Motion Twin has also given players quite a bunch of additional content via free DLC; expanding on the world of Dead Cells even more, and giving players even more reasons to keep coming back to the critically acclaimed video game.

What's more, the developer announced in December of last year that they would be releasing Dead Cells: The Bad Seed — the game's first paid DLC — and that this new content would be further expanding the world of Dead Cells even more; adding two brand-new levels that bring with them new enemies, weapons, and a challenging new boss fight.

Dead Cells: The Bad Seed DLC has actually become available today, and players can purchase it for a mere $4.99 USD, and embark on an adventure that will likely be just as phenomenal — and quite challenging, if we're being honest here — as the base Dead Cells game is.

Check it out:

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Dead Cells is currently available for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam).