Big Meets Bigger in the Mysterious First Look at Hideki Kamiya and PlatinumGames' PROJECT G.G.


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Big Meets Bigger in the Mysterious First Look at Hideki Kamiya and PlatinumGames' PROJECT G.G.

Hideki Kamiya, PlatinumGames, one Kaiju, a mysterious hero, spectacular superpowers, a little bit of Pacific Rim, and a good doggo — the announcement trailer for the Japanese studio's Project G.G. has it all, and much, much more.

As a reminder, the so-called Project G.G. is the second sweet surprise PlatinumGames revealed this month, as two more games / ports of older titles created at the Bayonetta studio will be unveiled in the coming weeks. 

Although Project G.G. is seemingly in a very early stage of development, the game's award-winning director recently shared some new details on his next big thing in a special message to fans

"It’s my honor today, at long last, to announce an all-new, all-original project from PlatinumGames," Kamiya said. "In the fourteen years since we founded this company, we’ve worked towards the dream of making and releasing a game based on a Platinum intellectual property. Now, we’re finally stepping up to that starting line."

The artist responsible for Viewtiful Joe and The Wonderful 101 then added: "Unlike any of the games we’ve made so far, it’s going to be a 100% PlatinumGames title. For everything from its setting and characters, to its game design and story, to how it’s promoted – PlatinumGames is in full control."

Given that Platinum is developing at least three big productions simultaneously (Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo, Babylon's Fall for Square Enix, and now the self-published Project G.G), it's truly fascinating to see how the studio that was on the brink of bankruptcy just some time ago is slowly becoming a true gaming giant. 

While we're still waiting for more information on Project G.G, take a look at its reveal trailer down below:

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