GHOSTRUNNER Looks Surprisingly Good in New Gameplay Footage Featuring Alternate Routes


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GHOSTRUNNER Looks Surprisingly Good in New Gameplay Footage Featuring Alternate Routes

Just like the games that inspired it — namely, Prince of Persia, Mirror's Edge and Titanfall (with Cyberpunk 2077 generously sprinkled on top) — the 3D Realms–produced Ghostrunner is all about maintaining your momentum and flow.

With One More Level's Ghostrunner finally releasing for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC at some point this year, some brand-new gameplay footage from the first-person title has been shared online.

In Ghostrunner, the player takes on the role of an implant-enhanced daredevil who embarks on a mission to reach the top of a mysterious tower built by The Architect — a shadowy figure who died years ago. Without its creator, the tower is torn by violence and poverty — and it's up to the brave hero to bring order to chaos.

Said video focuses on the prologue of Ghostrunner, and while we've seen some of it half a year ago, the new footage allows us to learn more about the game's mechanics and different ways to complete its objectives. 

Finding the villainous Keymaster won't be easy, so check out the latest Ghostrunner footage down below:

Enter an intense cyberpunk world and experience fierce, dynamic combat! Conquer your enemies in the physical world and in cyberspace. Hunt for answers in humanity’s last remaining shelter. Ascend humanity’s last remaining shelter, a great tower-city. The tower is torn by violence, poverty, and chaos. Conquer your enemies, discover the secrets of the superstructure and your own origin and obtain the power to challenge The Keymaster.

Ghostrunner is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam) in 2020.

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