Former Creative Producer at PlatinumGames Would Love to See SCALEBOUND Rise From the Ashes


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Former Creative Producer at PlatinumGames Would Love to See SCALEBOUND Rise From the Ashes

It's hard to argue with the fact that Xbox One's initial lack of major exclusive games was one of the main reasons why the system has been lagging behind PlayStation 4 in both sales and consumer mindshare ever since its launch in November 2013.

PlatinumGames' RPG-esque Scalebound might have been that one production Microsoft desperately needed in the console's first couple of years on the market. Unfortunately, we'll never learn what role the action-adventure game could have played in making the system more competitive with PS4 (and later Nintendo Switch), as Scalebound was officially canned by Microsoft in January 2017.

Although the studio ultimately managed to recover from the havoc caused by the Scalebound cancellation — mostly thanks to the excellent NieR: Automata — many gamers would still love to play the long-gone title one day.

With PlatinumGames celebrating the successful Kickstarter campaign of The Wonderful 101: Remastered, Scalebound Director Hideki Kamiya recently joked that he would really like to make Scalebound — and at least one former PlatinumGames employee didn't like seeing the game as a subject of ridicule.

"We had our chance. We failed. They know why we failed. Lots of great people left after we failed. Some because we failed. I’m sad that it is now a drunken meme," Ex-Creative Producer at PlatinumGames Jean Pierre "JP" Kellams said on Twitter.

"I have enormous respect for all of the hard work everyone put into Scalebound," Kellams added. "I’m happy the W101 Kickstarter was successful and wish PG all the best. But SB was joy and success and happiness and pain and failures and tears. I’d love to see it made. It just isn’t a joke to me."

Considering that PlatinumGames is currently busy developing The Wonderful 101: Remastered, Project G.G., Babylon's Fall and Bayonetta 3, it's safe to say that Scalebound won't be revived anytime soon, as Microsoft — the IP's owner — doesn't seem to be interested in pumping more money into the risky project either.

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