Acclaim's Classic SHADOW MAN Is Getting the Remaster Treatment From Nightdive Studios


Source: IGN

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Acclaim's Classic SHADOW MAN Is Getting the Remastered Treatment From Nightdive Studios

Shadow Man — Acclaim Entertainment's action-adventure game based on the Shadowman comic book series from Valiant Comics — will be remastered and re-released next year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

According to IGN, the new version of the 1999 title will support 4K resolution; improved shadow mapping, per-pixel lighting, and anti-aliasing; and the restoration of content that was cut from the original game.

Shadow Man: Remastered is being created by Nightdive Studios (Forsaken Remastered, System Shock).

The newly revealed title is not the only reimagining of a classic video game that is in the works at the studio, as the Vancouver-based company is also developing a full-blown remaster of 1997's Blade Runner.

Our goal with the remaster is to give today’s generation of gamers all the features that they expect from a modern title while preserving the qualities that made Valiant’s iconic character and the original Shadow Man game such memorable classics to begin with,” Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick said.

The upcoming gane will be powered by Nightdive's in-house KEX engine (System Shock, Turok). Without further ado, take a closer look at the remastered Shadow Man in a bunch of new screenshots down below: