THE WITCHER VFX Video Reveals How Cinesite Created Numerous Monsters of Netflix's TV Series


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THE WITCHER VFX Video Reveals How Cinesite Created Numerous Creatures of Netflix's TV Series

There's no denying that the first season of Netflix's The Witcher featured some impressive CGI-heavy shots, and the team at Cinesite gives you the chance to learn more about the company's hard work on the TV show in an informative VFX breakdown.

During production on The Witcher, Cinesite was responsible for bringing two Andrzej Sapkowski–created monsters to life — the Kikimora (the beast killed by Geralt at the very start of the show) and the Striga (the "main star" of another fight involving Geralt that took place in an old Gothic castle overlooking Wyzima).

"Animation was the toughest challenge for the creatures," VFX Supervisor for Cinesite Aleksandar Pejic explained in a recent interview with The Art of VFX. "Also, we needed to deviate from what was shot in the plate, but not too much because the rest of the sequence still had the stunt guys wearing the prosthetic – the biggest challenge was in creating consistency between the CG and real, while retaining the style of the original choreography. We had to make it better, more believable."

Cinesite also worked on the battle sequence involving an army of 10,000 Nilfgaardian soldiers fighting the Cintrans, the Golden Dragon scenes and the shots with Yennefer setting the forest on fire with her energy.

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