PROJECT GENESIS Is Coming to Steam Early Access Next Month; Space Shooter Gets New Teaser Trailer


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PROJECT GENESIS Is Coming to Steam Early Access Next Month; Space Shooter Gets New Teaser Trailer

Project Genesis is not only a team-based FPS, but also a third-person space combat shooter — and if you just can't wait to play it for yourself, the ambitious production will be finally available on Steam Early Access next month.

That's right, the team at 8 Circuit Studios is going to release Project Genesis on Steam Early Access on the 24th of April at a starting price of $29.99. Taking into account that the upcoming title is heavily inspired by the Halo franchise and Dreadnought, fans of either series should definitely keep an eye on Project Genesis.

"For those who are new to the community, Project Genesis has been in development in its current form [...] for almost two years now," 8 Circuit Studios President James Mayo explained on the Seattle-based developer's website. "We’re a team who is building a genre bending experience for fans of fast paced sci-fi games, and for those who like to watch “how the sausage is made” indie-dev style."

To give the community the chance to participate in the works on Project Genesis, gamers can always join 8 Circuit Studios' Discord server to see how they're "using the “open development” model of production to act on community input." Considering that Project Genesis is 8 Circuit Studios' first major release, the American developers will surely appreciate any form of constructive feedback from the players.

In the meantime, be sure to take a closer look at Project Genesis in this all-new, and intense gameplay trailer:

A mixture of old school first person combat combined with a unique free look spacecraft control model, Project Genesis is a team based FPS and 3rd person space combat shooter with a twist: base and capital ship infiltration via "breach and board" assault pods!

Project Genesis is coming to Steam Early Access on April 24, 2020.

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