Raven Software's Classic STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT: JEDI ACADEMY Is Out Now on Nintendo Switch and PS4


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Raven Software's Classic STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT: JEDI ACADEMY Is Out Now on Nintendo Switch and PS4

One of the most successful Star Wars games of all time — Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy — is currently available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, giving all fans of old-school gaming the chance to master their inner Jedi on their current-gen consoles.

Priced at $19.99, the new port of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy allows players to embark on a dangerous journey as Jaden Korr, a new student at Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy, and learn the power & dangers of the Force.

Jedi Academy is not only about the solo campaign, as the game's multiplayer component is playable with up to 16 online players in six online multiplayer modes, including Siege, Capture the Flag, and Free for All.

Although it's nothing really new in modern RPG-lite video games, 2003's Jedi Academy was one of the first big-budget productions to feature full-blown customisation options. In the final entry in the Jedi Knight series, the player can choose not only the gender and look of their character, but also construct their very own Lightsaber — every self-respecting Jedi's go-to weapon — from handle to blade.

In other Star Wars–related news, Star Wars Episode I Racer is coming to Switch and PS4 this spring. The 1999 title is based on the (in?)famous podracing sequence from Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.

If you're one of those players who haven't played Jedi Academy yet, be sure to check it out down below:

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