The "Super Scary" RESIDENT EVIL Movie Reboot Might Be Focused on Claire and Chris Redfield


Source: Daniel Richtman

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Considering that the reboot of the Resident Evil movie series was announced back in 2017, we still know shockingly little about Constantin Films’ next attempt at making a good film based on one of Capcom's biggest properties. Thankfully, the flick won't be directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, so it may actually be watchable — and it sounds like fans of the Redfield siblings will be pretty happy with the reboot's direction.

According to insider Daniel Richtman (who's a generally reliable source of information), Claire Redfield will be the protagonist of the long-awaited Resident Evil reboot, while her brother, Chris, will reportedly be "the second most important character in the film." If you're unfamiliar with Claire, she was the deuteragonist of both Resident Evil 2 and its remake, Resident Evil - Code: Veronica, and also Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

When it comes to her brother, Chris was one of the playable protagonists in the original as well as Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6. Taking into account that the siblings are two of the most important characters in the games, the decision to make them the main focus of the movie reboot wouldn't be too surprising.

Resident Evil will be helmed by Johannes Roberts, director of the critically panned 47 Meters Down: Uncaged.

According to Roberts, his Resident Evil will be "super scary. And it’s just getting back to the roots of the game. I think [...] I’m not really allowed to say much more than that. But it’s gonna be a lot of fun.”

At the time of this writing, Constantin Films had not revealed any concrete details on the movie's plot or main characters. Fortunately, those who just can't wait to see what the German production company's capable of can take a look at the leaked trailer for Anderson's adaptation of Monster Hunter right now.