QUANTUM ERROR Developers Explain How They're Being Inspired by DEAD SPACE and DOOM 3


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QUANTUM ERROR Developers Explain How They're Being Inspired by DEAD SPACE and DOOM 3

According to the team at TeamKill Media, the recently announced Quantum Error FPS — coming exclusively to PS4 and PS5 — is heavily inspired by some of the world's most famous horror games, including the first Dead Space and Doom 3. In a recent interview, TeamKill Media’s Dakoda and Micah Jones elaborated on how these two award-winning titles have helped shape Quantum Error at every level of the development process.

"Gameplay will be very similar to a game like Doom 3 or Dead Space (but in first-person)," the Jones brothers told GamingBolt. "It will be a slower paced FPS trickled with a variety of mechanics that revolve around the main character’s skills as a firefighter. We plan to have puzzles throughout where you may need to use a halligan bar to break open certain things or areas, rooms that if not vented will explode if the door is opened, moments where you have to manage oxygen levels etc."

According to the Sheridan-based developers, Quantum Error won't try to imitate the bizarre Five Nights at Freddy's game series and Paranormal Activity–esque movies, as the team will try its best to avoid jump scares and other cheap methods of scaring players. "With QE we are going for shooting mechanics first as that is the primary gameplay involved, however when it comes to building the horror aspect of the game it will be done in a way that promotes atmosphere over anything scripted," they said. "No jump scares or anything cheap like that. The game’s entire atmosphere will be the embodiment of eerie."

Although Quantum Error is on the way to PS4, TeamKill Media is not sure if the ambitious shooter will be the next-gen console's launch title. In a statement given to Push Square, a spokesperson said: "It is too early to say yet if Quantum Error will release by PS5 launch or how long after launch. Development is going very fast and smooth, but there is still much to be done. So, we will see."

While we're waiting for more details on Quantum Error, take a look at its announcement trailer down below:

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