Films Based on Maxis' SIMS and SIMCITY Series Said to Be in the Works at Legendary Pictures


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Films Based on Maxis' SIMS and SIMCITY Series Said to Be in the Works at Legendary Pictures

According to Geeks WorldWide, Legendary Pictures — the American studio that brought you Warcraft and Pokémon Detective Pikachu — is working on two new feature films based on Electronic Arts' The Sims and SimCity franchises. That's right, Maxis' greatest game series are reportedly getting the big screen treatment.

When it comes to SimCity, the flick is being described as a "comedic version of a Roland Emmerich-esuqe disaster movie inside the world of SimCity." Considering that destroying your carefully created cities has always been one of the most enjoyable parts of the overall SimCity experience, taking a page out of the Independence Day and 2012 helmer's playbook definitely seems like an unexpected but welcome direction.

As for The Sims, the film is apparently in the early development stage. Although we know next to nothing about the movie, early character descriptions include Katie — "a funny hot mess, good to her core" — who's shaping up to be The Sims main protagonist, alongside Cliff ("Katie’s best friend, a cute nerd"), Rick (a performer in a "mixed martial arts historical musical")," Cora ("Katie’s sarcastic and bitter assistant"), Dennis (an "uptight" partner at Katie’s firm), Jared (a "womanising douche"), Amanda (Cliff's "pretty and slim" girlfriend), and also Pam (Katie's mum) and Bill, a kid who lives in a tree house and "offers advice."

Although the ongoing pandemic cut Sonic the Hedgehog's theatrical run short, it looks like its great audience reception (Jeff Fowler's flick is the first video game movie to earn a rare "A" CinemaScore) has truly paved the way for other big-budget films based on games, including Uncharted, Resident Evil and Mortal Kombat.

At the time of this writing, EA has not revealed any concrete plans to produce The Sims and SimCity movies.

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