Gearbox's Next-Gen "Looter-Slasher" GODFALL Gets New Teaser Spotlighting Silvermane Class


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Gearbox's Next-Gen

Although looter shooters are doing just fine, Counterplay Games — the Californian developer responsible for 2016's card game Duelyst (which has shut down its servers) — is planning to revolutionise the genre with Godfall. According to the team, Godfall is a looter slasher featuring high-impact third-person melee combat.

Unfortunately, Godfall still is a mysterious production, despite the fact that it was announced at The Game Awards 2019 as the first PS5–exclusive title (when it comes to consoles, it will be also available on the EGS).

Based on what we do know about the original project, it seems that Godfall is an action-packed hybrid of a traditional looter shooter (with a heavy emphasis on upgrading your gear and stats) and 3D fighting game (such as For Honor). What's even better, Godfall can be played entirely in solo, duo or three-player co-op.

Godfall will allow players to choose from three different character classes, and Gearbox Publishing has shared a brand-new teaser for the looter slasher, shedding new light on the powerful Silvermane class.

Sadly, the short video doesn't reveal any interesting details on the ironclad class, only vaguely suggesting that he will fill the standard tank role. Still, it's better than nothing, so be sure to check it out down below:

Godfall is a third-person fantasy looter-slasher focused on melee combat, coming to PlayStation 5 & Epic Games Store Holiday 2020. Developed by Counterplay Games & published by Gearbox Publishing.

Godfall is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC (via the Epic Games Store) Holiday 2020.