Revolution Has Begun in LIBERATED Launch Trailer; Dystopian Title Makes Its Debut on Switch


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Revolution Has Begun in LIBERATED Launch Trailer; Dystopian Title Makes Its Debut on Switch

After almost a year of waiting — Liberated was announced in August — Polish developer Atomic Wolf's first big thing is finally available for Nintendo Switch, allowing players to start their own revolution in a dystopian world. If you decide to purchase Liberated before this Friday (June 5, 2020), you will also receive a sweet 20% discount, bringing the price down to $15.99. After that, the new video game will be sold in the US for $19.99.

Those who don't have a Switch should be happy to hear that Liberated is still coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Sadly, publisher Walkabout Games has not revealed any details on its next release dates yet.

At its core, Liberated is an interactive comic book set in a Sin City–like city ruled by an authoritarian regime that has limited the freedom of speech, turning the lives of its citizens into a dark, purposeless nightmare.

There's no denying that Liberated is a truly ambitious title, but it looks like Atomic Wolf's debut project is a bit too big and original for its own good. Currently sitting at a lukewarm 65% score on Metacritic, Liberated has clearly divided critics, with some calling it "a standout title for Nintendo Switch," while others don't share the same enthusiasm, giving it rather bad reviews (including GameSpot's 4/10 and Screen Rant's 5/10).

Without further ado, take a look at the intense launch trailer for Atomic Wolf's first game down below:

Experience the digital comic revolution, as hand-drawn comic book storytelling seamlessly transitions into fully playable gameplay as you fight for what’s right using stealth, wits, and firepower! Leap into the frame of a graphic novel, where classic motion comic storytelling transitions into fully playable action sections in a story about technological surveillance squeezing society’s freedom away.

Liberated is currently available for Nintendo Switch; will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam and GOG) at a later date.

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