SKELATTACK Receives Launch Trailer as Konami's Platformer Is Out Now on PS4, XBO, NS & PC


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SKELATTACK Receives Launch Trailer as Konami's Platformer Is Out Now on PS4, XBO, NS & PC

Quite surprisingly, Konami has just released an all-new video game — titled Skelattack — allowing all fans of platformer and roguelike games to embark on a dangerous journey and save the realm of the dead from the hostile living. Skelattack is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC (via Steam); priced at $19.99.

In Skelattack — created by California-based Ukuza — the player takes on the role of Skully, a proud member of the newly deceased. Unfortunately for the raw-boned hero, his new home is under attack from humans.

To put an end to the human threat, Skully — accompanied by his best bat friend, called Imber — will explore "an expansive world inhabited by quirky, charming and sometimes deadly inhabitants of the afterlife" and do his very best to reclaim the stolen Blue Flame, "the magic that kindles the spirits of the dead."

During the intense Super Meat Boy–esque sections of Konami's latest production, gamers will assume the role of Imber, trying to avoid deadly traps and even deadlier mortals to somehow pave the way for Skully.

Without further ado, learn more about the unlikely heroes in the action-packed launch trailer down below:

Play Skelattack and save the Underworld in this fun action platformer! Together with your best bat friend Imber, you jump, slash, and flap your way though the Underworld and stop the human threat!

Skelattack is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (via Steam).

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