WESTWORLD Creators Are Developing TV Series Based on Bethesda's FALLOUT Franchise


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WESTWORLD Creators Are Developing TV Series Based on Bethesda's FALLOUT Franchise

Amazon Studios, Kilter Films, and Bethesda Game Studios have teamed-up to develop a live-action TV show based on Bethesda Softworks' radioactive Fallout franchise, one of the most popular game series ever made.

The newly revealed TV series is being produced by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy (Westworld, The Peripheral), Athena Wickham (Almost Human, Person of Interest), and Todd Howard and James Altman for Bethesda.

"Fallout is one of the greatest game series of all time. Each chapter of this insanely imaginative story has cost us countless hours we could have spent with family and friends," Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan said. "So we're incredibly excited to partner with Todd Howard and the rest of the brilliant lunatics at Bethesda to bring this massive, subversive, and darkly funny universe to life with Amazon Studios."

According to Howard, Bethesda has been trying to bring the long-running post-apocalyptic franchise to the screen for over a decade. "But it was clear from the moment I first spoke with Jonah and Lisa a few years ago, that they and the team at Kilter were the ones to do it right," the producer added. "We’re enormous fans of their work and couldn’t be more excited to work with them and Amazon Studios."

Considering that Amazon Studios is in the very early stages of developing Fallout, it's safe to say that the TV series won't make its debut until a little after 2021. Although the show is years away from reaching the small screen, the team at Bethesda is still trying to improve the latest entry in its Fallout series, 2018's Fallout 76.

As a friendly reminder, Bethesda has not announced any plans to develop a new big-budget Fallout game, as Howard and his crew are currently focusing on two huge productions: Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI.