DYING LIGHT Developer Techland Is Planning to Support Upcoming Sequel for Years to Come


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DYING LIGHT Developer Techland Is Planning to Support Upcoming Sequel for Years to Come

The long-delayed sequel to 2015's Dying Light has not even hit stores yet, but Techland is already thinking about its post-launch phase that will introduce new enemies, weapons, locations, and gameplay mechanics.

Although Dying Light 2 probably won't make its debut anytime soon, the Polish game developer is hoping to repeat the enormous success of the original and its continuous content updates. "Of course, this is precisely the plan," Dying Light 2 Producer Tymon Smektała said in a recent interview with GamingBolt.

"Dying Light 2 is already full of content that we want to have delivered on the release day," Smektała explained. "But we’re also planning to support the game for a long time after that, like we did with Dying Light – we have new ideas popping up almost every day. We know that our community is used to that and, as always, we will do our best to provide them with an unforgettable experience."

Considering that Techland is supporting the 2015 sandbox to this day — it's worth remembering that the original game's biggest DLC to date, titled Hellraid, will launch on July 23 — chances are that players will have plenty of reasons to revisit the dark world of Dying Light 2 every now and then for a long, long time.

As a reminder, Dying Light 2 is not the only brand-new title Techland is currently working on, as the studio's never-before-seen RPG will be released a year or two after the long-awaited launch of the zombie shooter.

It’s been 15 years since humanity lost to the virus. The last great human settlement exists within an unforgiving, infected world, plunged into a modern dark age. During the day, bandits, factions and starving survivors roam the streets scavenging for scraps - or someone to take them from, by violence if necessary. At night the infected roam free, evacuating their dark hideouts to prey on the living.

Dying Light 2 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (via Steam) in 2020.

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