FROSTFALL Transforms Into RED FROST; Zombie Shooter Gets Brand-New Gameplay Trailer


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FROSTFALL Transforms Into RED FROST; Zombie Shooter Gets Brand-New Gameplay Trailer

Cracow-based game developer Drago entertainment has announced that its story-driven, post-apocalyptic adventure set in a zombie-infested USSR has been renamed from FrostFall to Red Frost, which is its final title.

For those unfamiliar with Red Frost, it's a survival game that's coming to PC (via Steam) at some point next year. The STALKER-like project is being developed by the team responsible for Treasure Hunter Simulator.

"FrostFall was the working title we have chosen for our game and when the time came to go public with it, we decided to take it for a spin. Now however that we see the great level of interest in our game, we decided to give it its final name: Red Frost,” the Polish studio's CEO Joanna Tynor explained.

According to the team at Drago, Red Frost will give players a reason to explore even its most remote places. Following in the footsteps of GSC Game World's famous series, the Red Frost world is populated with human NPCs who aren't always friendly, often attacking the protagonist to steal his gear and junk he's collected.

Considering that the PC-exclusive game's universe is completely ruined and zombiefied, it shouldn't be surprising that the titular, ever-present corruption will force the player to constantly make difficult choices, and even use it for their own benefit from time to time, as the virus is "very alluring: dangerous on one side, but not without some serious benefits on the other, allowing you to perform inhuman feats."

Red Frost will make its debut next year, so we will definitely learn a whole lot more about the first-person survival in the coming months. In the meantime, take a closer look at its latest gameplay trailer down below:

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