ROGUE LEGACY 2 Has Been Delayed; Roguelike Sequel Will Now Arrive on Steam and EGS in August


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ROGUE LEGACY 2 Has Been Delayed; Roguelike Sequel Will Now Arrive on Steam and EGS in August

Canadian game developer and publisher Cellar Door Games has some bad news for all fans of the original Rogue Legacy, as its recently announced sequel has unexpectedly been pushed back to August 18, 2020.

Although Rogue Legacy 2's early access phase was supposed to begin on July 23, the studio ultimately decided to delay its release to make sure that their roguelike is fully playable and more or less complete.

"It has been a tough decision, but we've decided to delay the launch of Rogue Legacy 2 by three and a half weeks to August 18, 2020," the Toronto-based game developer announced earlier today. "We've run into a few setbacks and we aren't quite ready to show it yet. We're close though (which is why the delay is so short), we just need a bit more time to get it in a state that we're truly proud to display."

"We know a lot of fans will be disappointed by the delay, and for that we apologize," the team at Cellar Door Games added. "Even in Early Access we don't want to compromise the quality of the game, and we hope it shows when we finally make it to launch."

For those unfamiliar with Rogue Legacy 2 (or its predecessor, the upcoming sequel won't be a revolutionary title), the game takes place in a randomly generated world where dying is just a begging of your adventure, as every fallen hero makes their descendant stronger than the last. And yes, you can still beat it at level 1.

With Rogue Legacy 2 launching next month, Cellar Door Games will definitely share more details about the franchise's future in the coming weeks. In the meantime, take a look at its "Early Access" trailer down below:

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