Latest LAND OF WAR - THE BEGINNING Trailer Puts the Spotlight on Pre-World War II Warsaw


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Latest LAND OF WAR - THE BEGINNING Trailer Puts the Spotlight on Pre-World War II Warsaw

An all-new trailer for the upcoming historical FPS Land of War - The Beginning has hit the web, giving us our first look at Polish game developer and publisher MS Games' meticulous recreation of Warsaw in 1939.

According to the Warsaw-based company, the development team "spent many weeks recreating streets, buildings, facades, and greenery that no longer exist. Thanks to the National Digital Archives and private collections of Warsaw residents, we have managed to reconstruct the castle square with the surrounding streets and the now-defunct Kierbedź Bridge. And we put all this in the game engine, thanks to which everyone will have the opportunity to visit [...] the Old Town of pre-war Warsaw."

For those unfamiliar with Land of War, it's an original shooter — in the same vein as 1999's Medal of Honor and the first two Call of Duty titles — that will arrive on PC this year. In the game, you take on the role of a young Polish soldier who's willing to sacrifice his life to stop the Germans and liberate his ruined homeland.

Considering that 2020's Call of Duty is reportedly set during the Cold War and EA has no plans to revive the beloved MoH franchise, fans of Brothers in Arms–like games should definitely keep an eye on Land of War.

To learn more about MS' take on the "always undefeated" city of Warsaw, check out the video down below:

Land of War is absolutely the first video game to concentrate on 1939-1940 period of WWII, as well as few episodes between 1941-1944. This early stage war was completely omitted until now. Creators from an independent development studio MS Games decided to fill this gap with their debut production. This game can be seen as a prologue of other, WWII related games recently released.

Land of War - The Beginning is coming to PC (via Steam) in 2020.

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