GODFALL: Counterplay Reveals New Details About Combat System of Its Next-Gen 'Looter-Slasher'


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GODFALL: Counterplay Reveals New Details About Combat System of Its Next-Gen 'Looter-Slasher'

Sony has released nearly 10 minutes of never-before-seen gameplay footage from Godfall, allowing us to take a closer look at the core mechanics and features of Counterplay Games' upcoming next-gen project.

The action-packed video was shared at yesterday's State of Play digital show, shining a light on two weapon classes you'll use in Godfall: the Dual Blades (agile weapons effective against soft, unarmoured enemies) and the Longsword (versatile weapon for a wide variety of opponents). That's obviously not all, as the gameplay walkthrough also puts the spotlight on a (mid-)boss battle with a weightier knight, known as the Phalanxer.

According to the developer, Godfall will also put the innovative PlayStation 5 controller to very good use.

"We take advantage of the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback to simulate a variety of surfaces and textures," Counterplay Games CEO Keith Lee revealed on the PlayStation Blog. "Imagine walking along a marble floor — the way it feels different through your boots compared to walking over gravel, dirt, or a rain-slicked field. If you were sliding along a fiery molten floor, say in the heat of battle to dodge an enemy attack, you would sense the unique surface without needing to look at it."

"It was important for us to reflect that difference in your hands. As you adventure through the [...] realms, you’ll be pitted against mobs of enemies in gilded halls with smooth marble flooring. You’ll also clash with fiends in the dirt. As your controller is your connection to the action, the physicality of the controller’s haptics must reflect the different spaces you’ll be fighting in," the CEO added.

Considering that Godfall will arrive on PlayStation 5 and PC at some point this year, the team at Counterplay will definitely share even more details about their most ambitious project to date sooner rather than later.

To learn more about the unique world of the For Honor–esque game check out the new video down below:

You are the last of the Valorian knights, god-like warriors able to equip Valorplates, legendary armor sets that transform wielders into unstoppable masters of melee combat. Tear through foes as you climb through each of the elemental realms and challenge the mad god, Macros who awaits you at the top. Ascend in Godfall, the first-of-its-kind, looter-slasher, melee action-RPG.

Godfall is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC (via the Epic Games Store) Holiday 2020.