"Hardcore Arcade Clicker" INFERNAL RADIATION Has Finally Become Available on PC Today


Category: Horror Games

Fans of old-school arcade games should be happy to hear that Asmodev's shoot 'em up Infernal Radiation (think Deep Dungeons of Doom meets Bloodborne) is now available on Steam Early Access; priced at $9,99.

Developed by the Warsaw-based team behind the controversial Priest Simulator and Inquisitor: The Hammer of Witches, Infernal Radiation allows the player to take on the role of an unyielding exorcist. Trapped on an island exposed to the titular infernal radiation, the unlikely hero will try to help the victims of said plague.

According to COO at Ultimate Games Rafał Jelonek, during The Addams Family—inspired title's Early Access phase "the Asmodev team will, among others, improve the balance of the game, expand the ending, additionally diversify the graphic design, prepare a set of achievements, refine the sound of the game and introduce some changes to the interface. The final game should be ready at the end of 2020."

Although the Polish publisher has already announced a Nintendo Switch port of its debut project, its release date remains a mystery. There's also a chance it might arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One down the line.

It's worth remembering that Infernal Radiation is the first step in Asmodev's planned shared universe where the studio's titles — including Booze Master and Ultimate Summer — are connected with a central storyline.

On Halloween Island, engineers test the innovative way of generating heat. The roots of the power plant reach deep into the earth, all the way to the heart of Hell, where the reactors obtain energy from burning souls. When an accident happens, the infernal radiation contaminates the earth. Inhabitants living in defiled areas struggle with numerous possessions. An exorcist is needed.

Infernal Radiation is currently available on PC (via Steam).