Ultimate Games' CAR MECHANIC SIMULATOR CLASSIC Is Finally Available on Xbox One


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Ultimate Games' CAR MECHANIC SIMULATOR CLASSIC Is Now Available on Xbox One

Car Mechanic Simulator Classic is finally available on Xbox One, allowing all fans of the long-running series to fulfil their dreams and become a car mechanic — and maybe even create their own repair service empire.

Priced at $16.99, Car Mechanic Simulator Classic is the second Car Mechanic Simulator game to release for Xbox One, following in the footsteps of the fan-favourite original. For those unfamiliar with the new title, it's based on Red Dot Games' Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 and created by Polish developer Ultimate Games.

"Car Mechanic Simulator Classic offers the same content as the original PC version. We have [...] adapted it to the specifics of the Microsoft console," Ultimate Games COO Rafał Jelonek said. "For fans of the series playing on Xbox One, it's another dose of good fun in the car repair shop. For people who have never played Car Mechanic Simulator before, it is a great way to get to know the series."

Considering that each in-game car — belonging to one of 8 different classes — consists of several hundred separate parts, Car Mechanic Simulator Classic will definitely offer Xbox One players many hours of pure fun.

To learn more about the core features of Car Mechanic Simulator Classic, check out its all-new launch trailer: