Kickstarter Campaign for DEAD BY DAYLIGHT–Inspired Racing Game DEADLANE Has Officially Launched


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Kickstarter Campaign for DEAD BY DAYLIGHT–Inspired Racing Game DEADLANE Has Officially Launched

You've probably had a chance to play a Need for Speed game in your life, you've possibly heard about Dead by Daylight — but chances are that you have no idea what Vscape Studios' fresh hybrid of the two series is.

To change that, the Minnesota–based game developer has shared a never-before-seen trailer for their debut project — inspired by the aforementioned franchises — titled Deadlane. In the upcoming racing game — which will arrive on Steam on October 1, 2021 — six contestants will take part in a brutal race for survival.

While the last player will assume the role of a ghost — Grim Prix — their rivals will do whatever it takes to stay ahead of the cursed soul and avoid being eliminated at the end of the lap. Grim Prix's situation will be tough, but the curse will actually increase players' speed and make them immune to all on-road obstacles.

To bring Deadlane to life, Vscape needs your help — and if you're interested in playing the title one day, you can always support the game's ongoing Kickstarter campaign and help the team reach their $30,000 goal.

"Our goal for the game was to have an advantage quickly turn into a disadvantage at any time," Co-Director Rick Alcala said. "Both racing and horror focus on building the player's adrenaline, so the idea of going all-in on that made the entire team very excited. We best compare Deadlane to the thrill of riding a roller coaster. It's a ton of fun but it can be really horrifying," the studio's co-founder added.

To learn more about its unique features, take a look at the official Deadlane Kickstarter trailer down below:

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