Remake of PRINCE OF PERSIA Is Almost Certainly Real; Coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch


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Remake of PRINCE OF PERSIA Is Almost Certainly a Real Thing; Coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

After years of waiting, countless leaks, and one underwhelming Ubisoft Forward press conference, it turns out that the long-rumoured Prince of Persia: Remake is real — and will possibly be released later this year.

According to a Guatemalan retail site called MAX — Nintendo's official distributor in the region — the long-awaited Prince of Persia: Remake will arrive on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 as soon as this November.

Although we've been hearing about said title since May — as a new Prince of Persia website was allegedly registered by Ubisoft this spring — the fact that Bloomberg's Jason Schreier has now confirmed that the game is real basically means that you can start your hype engines and patiently wait for its official reveal. 

Since we know that the beloved IP will make a return in some way, shape, or form, one question has to be asked — are we talking about a remake of The Sands of Time or the criminally underrated reboot from 2008?

Considering that the second Ubisoft Forward digital show will take place sometime next month, chances are that the long-awaited remake of Prince of Persia will be officially announced by the studio in the near future.