THE LORD OF THE RINGS: GOLLUM Is Inspired by PRINCE OF PERSIA, Daedalic Entertainment Reveals


Source: IGN

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THE LORD OF THE RINGS: GOLLUM Is Inspired by PRINCE OF PERSIA, Daedalic Entertainment Reveals

According to Hamburg-based developer and publisher Daedalic Entertainment, their The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is a full-blown stealth game heavily inspired by Ubisoft's long-forgotten Prince of Persia franchise.

"The game mixes stealth with vertical climbing parkour," Lead Designer Martin Wilkes (State Of Mind, Blackguards 2) told IGN. "If you want a reference you might think of it as similar to Prince of Persia."

"It's mostly a non-combat game, but Gollum will be able to stealthily take out enemies. However, this won't be easy and always come with big risks. We want players to carefully weigh these encounters. After all, Gollum’s strengths lie in cunning not combat," Wilkes added. During his great journey, Gollum will encounter a plethora of familiar monsters and creatures, including orcs, giant spiders, and even Nazgûl.

Although Daedalic's next title will be a rather standard action-adventure game, it will introduce at least one new feature that will surely help differentiate it from other third-person stealth games — the fact that you'll take on the role of a dual-personality character with at least two unique ways to approach every problem.

"The decisions you make affect the way the game feels. You always either play as Sméagol or as Gollum as the 'dominant' persona and that can influence animations, soundscapes, certain gameplay situations, and in-game dialogue," he said. Obviously, your in-game choices won't affect the titular hero's fate, as the next-gen game will try to be as faithful to the J. R. R. Tolkien–created source material as possible.

Considering that The Lord of the Rings: Gollum will arrive on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC at some point next year, we will definitely learn a whole lot more about the Splinter Cell–like title in the near future.