Brand-New KAO THE KANGAROO Game Will Arrive on PC in 2021, Tate Multimedia Announces


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Brand-New KAO THE KANGAROO Game Will Arrive on PC in 2021, Tate Multimedia Announces

Warsaw-based game developer and publisher Tate Multimedia has some great news for all fans of the long-running Kao the Kangaroo franchise, as an all-new game starring the beloved hero will be released in 2021.

The Steel Rats studio's next big thing — titled simply Kao the Kangaroo — will initially arrive only on PC (via Steam), but it's safe to say that Tate Multimedia will also bring the brand-new remake to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch — and maybe even their long-awaited successors — at some point in the future.

According to the Polish company, their original take on the classic Kao the Kangaroo game series will be "a completely new journey," featuring a "new story, challenges, enemies, visuals, and a whole lot more."

Considering that Kao the Kangaroo will make its debut next year, we should learn a whole lot more about its features, locations, and game modes in the near future. In the meantime, check out the official plot synopsis:

"This time the brave kangaroo has to find his missing sister and solve the mystery of what happened to his long-gone father. He will need to travel the world and confront the famous fighting masters, who are influenced by the mysterious, dark power. On the course of his journey, Kao will learn under the guidance of his master - Walt, how to become not only an awesome fighter but also a clever one who uses his head as much as his fists. Although he will need to fight lots of enemies along his way, he will also make new and strengthen old friendships. Finally, he will need to face his ultimate opponent - the mysterious Eternal Warrior, whose ambitions are a threat to the world balance. Will he succeed? It’s all up to you!"

While we're patiently waiting for more details on the first Kao the Kangaroo game since 2005's Kao: Mystery of Volcano, take a closer look at the upcoming project's teaser trailer and colourful screenshots down below:

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