PARANOID Won't Make Its Debut Until 2021 at the Earliest; May Also Arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series


Source: Well-Played

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PARANOID Will Make Its Debut in 2021 at the Earliest; May Also Arrive on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

Agony may have been a highly divisive game, but it doesn't change the fact its solid sales performance has allowed Madmind Studio to produce their biggest project to date — titled PARANOID — at their own pace.

During a recent interview with Well-Played, Madmind Studio CEO Tomasz Dutkiewicz revealed some fresh details about their next big thing's comparisons to Agony, release window, and possible next-gen versions.

Just like the Polish company's controversial debut project, PARANOID will be a first-person horror featuring plenty of terrifying creatures and bone-chilling moments — but it will also introduce some unique gameplay mechanics to differentiate it from Agony. "PARANOID is a game that is very different from Agony or Succubus in terms of narrated story," Dutkiewicz revealed. "Everything was shockingly direct there and the horror was caused by looking at the world itself, communicating with it. PARANOID, on the other hand, is more realistic, it causes a specific kind of nostalgia. It affects primarily the psyche of the player, not trying to shock him every step of the way with extremely brutal scenes."

The P.T.-like game was originally announced as a PC-exclusive production, and it sounds like it will stay that way, at least for the time being. "We would like each of our games to be available to as many players as possible," Dutkiewicz said. "However, the release of a game on consoles involves signing an agreement with some global distributor, which often ends with great creative restrictions. Therefore, our current plans are to release the game according to our vision, independently and exclusively on PC. This does not mean, however, that console versions will not appear in the future either."

Although PARANOID is a fully fledged game, it doesn't mean that it's the only thing Madmind is working on, as the Bydgoszcz-based developer and publisher is also producing the dreadful Agony spin-off Succubus.

Unfortunately, the unique title won't arrive anytime soon, as it will be released only after Succubus makes its way to store shelves, and the next entry in the Agony series is currently scheduled to debut in Q2-Q3 2021.

As a reminder, PARANOID was officially revealed by the team at Madmind Studio back in November 2018.