Industry Legend Michel Ancel Is Retiring From Game Development to Focus on Protecting Wildlife


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Industry Legend Michel Ancel Is Retiring From Game Development to Focus on Protecting Wildlife

Michel Ancel — the renowned creator of the Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil series — has unexpectedly announced that he's retiring from the industry to focus more on his new passion project: conserving wildlife.

Unfortunately, you read that right — one of the brightest starts of the French game development scene is parting ways with Ubisoft Montpellier and Wild Sheep Studio to fulfil one of his wilde... oldest dreams and create an actual "wild life open sanctuary dedicated to education, nature lovers and ... wild animals."

Although Ancel is no longer working on Beyond Good and Evil 2 — which was officially revealed by the artist himself at E3 2017 — the Paris-based company has already confirmed that the sequel is still in the works, as the studio is reportedly doing their very best to create something that will make fans of the original happy.

During his time at Ubisoft, he had the chance to oversee the development of countless projects, including 1995's Rayman, 2003's Beyond Good & Evil, 2005's Peter Jackson's King Kong, 2006's Rayman Raving Rabbids, 2011's Rayman Origins, 2013's Rayman Legends, and the upcoming Wild, among many others.

There's no denying that Ancel's decision will affect both of his new titles, as the beloved designer — whose unique (and often whimsical) creations definitely helped Ubisoft become a huge player in the industry in its early years — was one of the very few game directors working for major publishers who kept his own voice.

The fact that the award-winning director is retiring is not the Beyond Good and Evil 2–related news we've been waiting for, but we certainly wish Ancel all the best in his future endeavors. True freedom lies beyond.

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