Historical First-Person Shooter LAND OF WAR - THE BEGINNING Has Been Moved to Early 2021


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Historical First-Person Shooter LAND OF WAR - THE BEGINNING Has Been Moved to Early 2021

Although Land of War - The Beginning was supposed to make its PC debut at some point this year, Polish game developer and publisher MS Games has confirmed that the shooter will now hit stores early next year.

That's right, the PC-exclusive FPS will no longer hit stores in 2020. Thankfully, Land of War - The Beginning is not too far away, as it will arrive sometime between the beginning of January and end of March of next year.

Inspired by the Medal of Honor series and first Call of Duty titles, Land of War - The Beginning allows you to assume the role of a young soldier who's willing to sacrifice everything to stop the Germans and liberate the besieged capital city of the Second Polish Republic. For the most part, it takes place between 1939 and 1940.

According to MS Games Distribution, the creators of the upcoming shooter are "fanatics of classic WWII shooters. As a result, their product reflects the principles underlying some of the earliest games in the genre: clean and simple gameplay with intuitive steering and plenty of enemies to kill. Game chapters are based on epic, historical battles and authentic gear and equipment. It provides fast-paced action, constant exchange of fire and intensity of fight based on yet uncharted periods of World War II."

While we're patiently waiting for more details on Land of War - The Beginning, take a look at its latest trailer:

Land of War is absolutely the first video game to concentrate on 1939-1940 period of WWII, as well as few episodes between 1941-1944. This early stage war was completely omitted until now. Creators from an independent development studio MS Games decided to fill this gap with their debut production. This game can be seen as a prologue of other, WWII related games recently released.

Land of War - The Beginning is coming to PC (via Steam) in Q1 2021.