NIOH 2: DARKNESS IN THE CAPITAL Is Second Big Expansion for Team Ninja's Masocore Game


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NIOH 2: DARKNESS IN THE CAPITAL Is Second Major Expansion for Team Ninja's Masocore Game

Following the recent release of the NiOh 2: The Tengu's Disciple DLC, Japanese publisher Koei Tecmo has officially announced the second major expansion for Team Ninja's masocore game: Darkness in the Capital.

Nioh 2: Darkness in the Capital will be arriving on PlayStation 4 on October 15, 2020. The newly announced content drop will be sold separately or as part of the Nioh 2 Season Pass, which is currently priced at $19.99.

According to Team Ninja, Nioh 2: Darkness in the Capital will introduce a plethora of new locations, enemies, and features, including challenging new Yokai, new Guardian Spirits, skills, Ninjutsu, Onmyo Magic, and Soul Cores. During his new adventure, our main hero will be able to free explore an ancient version of Kyoto City to learn more about the history of the Sohayamaru. As a reminder, Nioh 2 will receive one more expansion.

"Please be on the look-out for more exciting details in the near future as we hope to shed even more light on Darkness in the Capital," Creative Director Tom Lee said. "Until that time, best of luck battling all of the fearsome Yokai in The Tengu’s Disciple and crafting a unique build that best suits your own playstyle. As many of you are well aware, you’ll need every advantage you can get to take on the menacing enemies lurking in the distant past. So, stay strong and stay safe out there samurai!"

Considering that Nioh 2: Darkness in the Capital will make its debut this October, Koei Tecmo will definitely share more details about the brand-new DLC in the coming weeks. In the meantime, take a closer look at a bunch of never-before-seen screenshots (and an all-new piece of artwork) for the expansion down below:

Master the art of the samurai in this brutal masocore RPG… for death is coming. Journey to 1555 Japan, a country gripped in endless warfare where monsters and evil spirits stalk a land of natural beauty and menacing peril. Hunt down your enemies as a rogue mercenary wielding the supernatural powers of the mythical Yokai. Can you survive the treacherous Sengoku era and the new and terrifying Dark Realm?

Nioh 2 is currently available for PlayStation 4.