Capital of Poland Desperately Needs Your Help in Intense Console Launch Trailer for WARSAW


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Capital of Poland Desperately Needs Your Help in Intense Console Launch Trailer for WARSAW

Warsaw made its PC debut back in 2019, but the good news is that the Darkest Dungeon–like game is finally available for PlayStation 4, with its Xbox One and Nintendo Switch editions launching in the very near future.

According to Polish publisher Crunching Koalas, Warsaw will release for Xbox One tomorrow and Nintendo Switch on October 2. The console versions of the unique turn-based strategy game will be priced at $19.99.

Created by the team responsible for Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs, Warsaw takes place during World War II in the German-occupied capital city of Poland. In developer Pixelated Milk's ambitious take on Iratus: Lord of the Dead, the ruined city is actually a central character, with the player taking on the roles of "the young, the old, men, women and children, enlisted and civilians," — all the heroes of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising.

To even stand a chance against the formidable Nazi forces in the besieged city, players will have to "create a mix of versatile skills that will allow you to flank your enemies, detonate obstacles, snipe stragglers and push or pull enemies into the area where your carefully planned attacks deal the most damage."

To celebrate Warsaw's long-awaited console launch, Crunching Koalas has also released this all-new trailer:

Warsaw is a challenging turn-based tactical RPG set in an occupied capital during WWII. Pick your heroes. Select salvaged arms. Navigate historic streets. Stand up to occupying forces. And try to survive the 63 days of hell in this historically accurate portrayal of Poles fighting for their city.

Warsaw is currently available on PS4 and PC (via Steam and GOG); coming to Xbox One on October 1 and Nintendo Switch on October 2, 2020.

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