IMMORTALS FENYX RISING Narrative Director Reveals Why Prometheus and Zeus Are a Comedic Duo


Source: Ubisoft

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IMMORTALS FENYX RISING Narrative Director Reveals Why Narrators Prometheus and Zeus Are a Comedic Duo

Ubisoft Quebec's Immortals Fenyx Rising — previously titled Gods & Monsters — will generally be a light-hearted adventure, allowing you to embark on a colourful journey and save Greek gods from extinction.

Quite surprisingly, every moment of your epic journey will be narrated by Prometheus and Zeus — and their passionate banter will be the main source of humour in the fast-approaching Immortals Fenyx Rising.

During a recent interview with Ubisoft, Narrative Director Jeffrey Yohalem revealed why the Canadian studio decided to choose Zeus and Prometheus to help players understand what it actually going on in the game.

According to Yohalem, "you always look for drama and conflict; Zeus chained Prometheus to a rock for all eternity for stealing fire to help the humans, and then he needs Prometheus’ help in the game."

"Therefore, you have two people who used to be friends, there is this history there, but now there's this antagonism, and so that creates energy, which is great for storytelling," he added. "So I felt like they were the best choice for that kind of antagonistic but also comedic energy, like The Odd Couple."

Considering that video games inspired by Greek mythology usually take the source material quite seriously — including fan-favourite titles like God of War, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and Titan Quest — the fact that Immortals Fenyx Rising won't feature any brooding characters will definitely be a welcome change of pace.