HYPER SCAPE Will Get RAINBOW SIX SIEGE–Inspired Changes to Make It More Fun and Rewarding


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HYPER SCAPE Will Get RAINBOW SIX SIEGE–Inspired Changes to Make It More Fun and Rewarding

Ubisoft has finally decided to address the underwhelming launch of Hyper Scape, Ubi Montreal's answer to Apex Legends and Call of Duty Warzone that has failed to capitalise on the battle royale genre's popularity.

Thankfully, the French publisher is not planning to abandon its latest creation anytime soon, as has detailed their Hyper Scape plans going forward. Considering that Rainbow Six Siege also had to deal with a bunch of glaring issues at launch, it shouldn't be surprising that the all-new project will get its own Operation Health:

"Three months ago, we released Hyper Scape to the world. We were thrilled with the response, as millions gave our take on Battle Royale a try, telling us specifically how much they love the movement and fast pace of the game. While July’s launch and Open Beta on PC were successful, we were not able to achieve the high expectations we set for ourselves with our full release on console that followed in August. We also know we didn’t fully meet the high expectations of our players, so we are taking action. We have more work to do to get there, but our team is fully committed to the challenge. We are focused on a single goal — we want Hyper Scape to be a game everyone can play and enjoy."

To learn more about Ubisoft's plans for Hyper Scape, take a look at the official overview of its 5 pillars below:

Combat Comfort — "We always intended for Hyper Scape to have a high skill ceiling, but it is clear from our data that the floor is also too high. This results in a difficult experience for new players. Currently, it is too hard to aim, track and consistently damage players and eliminate them, especially on consoles."

Onboarding — "HS currently doesn't provide enough time and opportunities for new players to learn and succeed. We need to [...] provide training activities to help [newcomers] become proficient with the game."

Game Modes — "Our core game mode — Crown Rush — can be quite unforgiving, so we want to provide players with a variety of formats in terms of activity and match size. This will start with introducing respawn systems in the game and "deathmatch" style game modes. We are also rethinking how we manage limited time modes and the player base split that is required to support multiple modes at once."

Player Goals — "Currently, there are not enough medium and long-term goals for players to stick around in the Hyper Scape. We are introducing first version of our Player Ranking system in Season 2, and we will bring more progression systems and match-to-match flow improvements as well."

Cross Play — "While Cross Play has always been intended for the game, we want to add it earlier than planned to help address the current issues of lobby size."

When it comes to the aforementioned Season 2, it will introduce a bunch of highly anticipated features and improvements, including daily gifts, new weapons, and the Floor is Lava mode. It officially starts on Tuesday.

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