TAINTED GRAIL CONQUEST: Big SEEDS OF CORRUPTION Update Introduces a "Whole New Story Layer"


Category: Role-Playing Games


Polish video game developer and publisher Awaken Realms Digital has some great news for fans of Tainted Grail, as the unique adaptation of the record-breaking board game has received its biggest update to date.

The ambitious expansion for Tainted Grail — which is now available in Steam Early Access — definitely is a major one, bringing new gameplay mechanics, over 70 fresh cards, powerful playable characters, and more.

According to the Wroclaw-based game developer, the brand-new Seeds of Corruption update "changes the whole dynamic of Conquest. First of all – it brings a whole new story layer to this mode and explains all the madness that is happening! We don’t want to spoil anything: but there are new characters, new voice-overs, new story encounters on the map, and many more surprises waiting for you!"

To make the long-awaited game's learning curve a little less steep, Awaken Realms Digital has also prepared a special tutorial that should help newcomers understand what the narrative-driven rogue-lite / role-playing hybrid is all about, and that's not everything Seeds of Corruption has to offer. The recently released update also introduces new cards, skills, a reimagined runestones system, and major changes to the user interface.

Take a closer look at the action-packed trailer for Tainted Grail Conquest: Seeds of Corruption down below: