Wrench Will Make an Appearance in WATCH DOGS LEGION; Ubisoft Details Post-Launch Content Plans


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Wrench Will Make an Appearance in WATCH DOGS LEGION; Ubisoft Details Post-Launch Content Plans

Ubisoft has finally revealed some concrete details about the Watch Dogs Legion post-launch phase and the long-delayed production's storyline, which will be focused on the struggle of DedSec in a dystopian London.

In Clint Hocking's first major game since 2008's Far Cry 2, players will have the chance to stand against the shady corporation Albion, a tech giant — and also a corrupt private military organisation — led by Nigel Cass, a villainous CEO who decides to lock down London after a series of bombings known as the Zero Day.

Considering that we're talking about a Ubisoft game, it shouldn't be surprising that the French publisher is already planning to support their next-big thing for years to come. For example, the first free expansion to Watch Dogs Legion — which launches on December 3 — will add a fresh co-op mode for up to 4 players.

According to Ubisoft, it will allow fans to "take on new two-to-four-player missions featuring new co-op mechanics, assemble four-hacker teams for tougher Tactical Ops missions, or just run around London in four-player squads and get into some hacking-fueled mischief." Those who enjoyed Watch Dogs 2's Bounty Hunter mode should be happy to hear that its sequel will also include a PVP mode, Spiderbot Arena.

Watch Dogs' online invasions will also be available in Legion, but they definitely won't be playable at launch.

When it comes to additional story-driven missions, bonus single-player content and New Game+ will make their debut at some point in 2021, with an original story expansion — officially titled Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline — allowing fans of the first two games to wreak havoc as Aiden Pearce and Wrench later this year.

That's right, the main protagonist of 2014's Watch Dogs won't be the only well-known hero that will join the resistance in the fast-approaching threequel. The game's season pass will also introduce two never-before-seen characters: Mina (she can mind-control individuals) and Darcy, a young member of the Assassin Order.

The Season Pass will be available as a standalone addition to the base game or as part of the Gold, Ultimate, and Collector editions. To learn more about the world of Watch Dogs Legion, check out these all-new videos:

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