Latest THE DARK PICTURES: LITTLE HOPE Trailer Focuses on Shared Story Mode and Bonus Content


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Latest THE DARK PICTURES: LITTLE HOPE Trailer Focuses on Shared Story Mode and Bonus Content

Bandai Namco has released a brand-new trailer for The Dark Pictures: Little Hope — Supermassive Games' new horror that's right around the corner — shedding light on the game's co-op modes and bonus content.

According to the team, said bonus content will shine a new light on the development of The Dark Pictures: Little Hope, including "some behind the scene footage, interviews, and exclusive comic and art books."

When it comes to its co-op modes, they allow players to enjoy the title together in 2 unique ways. The first one is called Shared Story and gives you the chance to share your story with a friend online. The other one — Movie Night — is something for fans of couch co-op, as it's all about up to 5 players trying to survive in an offline pass-the-pad mode. Obviously, nothing will stop you from playing Little Hope without any help.

For those unfamiliar with The Dark Pictures: Little Hope, it's a sequel to last year's Man of Medan, following the story of a group of teenagers and their teacher who find themselves trapped in Little Hope, a seemingly abandoned town that hides many dark secrets. As you've probably guessed, the plot is inspired by famous horror movies such as The Witch, The Blair Witch Project, Hellraiser, It Follows, and even Season of The Witch.

With The Dark Pictures: Little Hope finally arriving for PS4, Xbox One, and PC (only via Steam) on October 30 — just in time for Halloween — it's safe to say that we will learn a whole lot more about Supermassive Games' highly anticipated teen horror in the very near future. In the meantime, take a look at this new video:

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