All in! Games Will Bring CHERNOBYLITE to Both Current and Next-Gen Consoles Next Year


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All in! Games Will Bring CHERNOBYLITE to Both Current- and Next-Gen Consoles Next Year

Gliwice-based video game developer The Farm 51 has confirmed that the long-rumoured console version of Chernobylite (think STALKER: Call of Pripyat meets Get Even) will make its debut at some point next year.

The newly announced console edition will be distributed by All in! Games (Ghostrunner, Paradise Lost) and fully localised "in more languages than originally planned." According to the company, Chernobylite will simultaneously arrive on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC (via Steam and GOG).

"We’re thrilled that just a week after the successful premiere of Ghostrunner we can announce other important news," All in! Games CEO Piotr Żygadło said via a press release. "We believe that Chernobylite will be just as popular as our cyberpunk title and will meet the expectations of players all around the world. Usually we don’t engage in projects without ownership of the IP, but the quality of The Farm 51’s production and its potential convinced us to make an exception," Żygadło concluded. When it comes to the PC edition of Chernobylite, it will still be published by the Polish video game developer itself.

As a friendly reminder, The Farm 51's biggest project to date entered Early Access on PC in October 2019.

With Chernobylite finally hitting stores in 2021, the game's PC edition has received yet another "mega patch" — titled "The Woman in the Red Dress" — which introduces plenty of long-awaited features and quality-of-life improvements, including two action-packed missions, unique weapons, and the option to turn off the UI.

To learn more about the latest build of Chernobylite, take a look at this new "console announcement" trailer: