MASS EFFECT: LEGENDARY EDITION Will Almost Definitely Be Announced During N7 Day 2020


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MASS EFFECT: LEGENDARY EDITION Will Almost Definitely Be Announced During N7 Day 2020

It seems that the fearsome Reapers will make a glorious return sooner rather than later, as the main cast of BioWare's fan-favourite Mass Effect trilogy is officially reuniting for a special N7 Day event this November 7.

Considering that Mark Meer — the male voice of John Shepard — recently revealed that something big will be announced tomorrow, chances are that the long-rumoured Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is said surprise.

Furthermore, Eurogamer's Tom Phillips asked fans to keep an eye on BioWare's blog "tomorrow afternoon" earlier today, suggesting that the long-awaited remaster will be revealed very soon (at 8AM PT, to be exact).

For those unfamiliar with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, it will reportedly include 3 beloved games — 2007's Mass Effect, 2010's Mass Effect 2 and 2012's Mass Effect 3 — each coming with a bunch of improvements and graphical features to make the whole package more enjoyable (and accessible) for less experienced players.

Given that we've been hearing about this Legendary Edition for quite some time now — it's probably worth remembering that VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb revealed the game's title back in September, with the Korean Rating Board "confirming" his reports last month — it's safe to say that it will indeed be announced soon.

As a friendly reminder, Electronic Arts is planning to publish a "mysterious" remaster and a new EA Originals production during their fiscal year 2021, which will begin on April 1, 2021. Jack Wall's Virmire Ride intensifies.

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