People Can Fly Discusses OUTRIDERS Endgame and Showcases Unique Abilities of Technomancer


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People Can Fly Discusses OUTRIDERS Endgame and Showcases Unique Abilities of Technomancer

During yesterday's broadcast, People Can Fly — the beloved creators of Painkiller and Bulletstorm — shared new details on their next project — titled Outriders — and the game's 4th playable class, the Technomancer.

Although the Technomancer is not as powerful as the Devastator, those who prefer unleashing deadly tools of destruction upon their enemies over waiting for the right moment to strike should still give him a shot. In Outriders, he can summon machine guns and rocket launchers out of thin air, heal all his allies, create useful constructs — like the bombastic Pain Launcher and Blighted Turret — and freeze enemies for a few seconds.

According to the company, Outriders will feature a bunch of engaging endgame activities called Expeditions.

Here's how these Expeditions will work: "After the story, you’ll be able to visit a new camp in the game. Among the various new things there (and please note our elegant dancing around spoilers), you will find a map that reveals many new areas that you can explore. That’s a key point - there’s no recycled content in Expeditions. The areas in which you will undertake Expeditions are massive, hand-crafted locations with their own mechanics, challenges and storylines." Interestingly enough, the more you play them, the harder they get — but you will still be rewarded with some good loot even if fall at the last hurdle.

It's probably worth remembering that the long-awaited shooter will support cross-play across all platforms.

With Outriders finally arriving on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC on February 2, we will definitely learn a whole lot more about the endgame in the coming weeks. In the meantime, be sure to take a closer look at over 30 minutes of never-before-seen gameplay footage for Outriders down below:

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