Latest OBSERVER: SYSTEM REDUX Trailer Puts the Spotlight on Innovative DualSense Features


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Latest OBSERVER: SYSTEM REDUX Trailer Puts the Spotlight on Innovative DualSense Features

Bloober Team has shared yet another trailer for Observer: System Redux, this time shining a new light on its impressive — and maybe more importantly, immersive — features made possible by Sony's DualSense tech.

According to Game Producer Szymon Erdmanski, the PS5 edition of System Redux gives gamers the chance to immerse themselves in the remake's cyberpunk world like never before. For example, PS5 players will be able to feel imminent danger thanks to the controller's cutting-edge vibration motors and haptic feedback.

"With Observer: System Redux, we’ve envisioned the DualSense haptic feedback as a way to better bridge the gap between the experiences players see and hear in the game by providing sensations they can feel in the real world," Erdmanski said. "The controller becomes an extension of the player’s senses. Thanks to DualSense, the player will feel the weight of items in the game, sense the presence of scanned evidence — all features that are only possible with the DualSense wireless controller."

"Pressing a button and getting a 'Can’t Move This' or 'Locked' message when interacting with immovable objects in a game isn’t fun. The DualSense wireless controller allowed us to create realistic sensations thanks to its haptic feedback. Try and open a locked door and you will feel the resistance through the controller. Similarly, the DualSense wireless controller will simulate opening a door or moving a heavy object such as a bookshelf. It feels like you’ve interacted with that object in the game world. Equally when you unfold cables or hacking devices, you will feel the resistance and vibrations through the controller as if you were manipulating these in real life. When you run, you will feel the weight of your character as every footfall is registered through the haptic feedback," he concluded.

Although Observer: System Redux "plays best" on PS5, the newly released remake of Bloober Team's best-reviewed title to date is also available for Xbox Series and PC (via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store).

To learn more about Observer: System Redux and its unique PS5 version, take a closer look at this new trailer:

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