Ubisoft Shares New Details About Art Style and Gameplay Mechanics of ROLLER CHAMPIONS


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Ubisoft Shares New Details About Art Style and Gameplay Mechanics of ROLLER CHAMPIONS

To make the wait for Roller Champions a little less painful, Ubisoft has shared a bunch of new details about the Assassin's Creed Valhalla studio's sports game that will give you the chance to channel your inner skater.

For those unfamiliar with Roller Champions, it's set in a "neo-retro" universe where Gladiator-like aesthetics and Pixar's pop sensibilities meet to create something that can be enjoyed by children and grown-ups alike.

In Roller Champions, you will be able to freely customise your characters using 3 original style items: Sports (for fans of real-world sports like roller derby and hockey), Radical (giving you the chance to put your own style on display), and Fantasy (this category contains zany items inspired by "sci-fi and fantasy universes").

According to Creative Director Gauthier Malou, Ubisoft Montreal is "designing Roller Champions to give each player the same abilities — it is not about the character you play, but about the skill of each [...] player. It is about making it so [players] can express [themselves] and underline their personality."

Interestingly enough, the long-awaited title shares more similarities with the classic Pinball than real-world sports, as keeping an eye on the ball will be the only key to victory. "The feeling of being ‘in the zone’ in pinball comes from understanding the physics of the pinball machine," Malou said. "When you climb, you are vulnerable, but you store energy. When you descend, you exchange that energy for speed."

Although the "best defence is a good offence" rule works perfectly in the game's world, Ubisoft also decided to introduce 2 new moves — called the Uppercut and the Stagger — after reviewing the feedback they had received from beta players. When it comes to the first movie, it gives defensive players "a tool to intercept their aerial opponents but also to quickly create speed for themselves," while the other new mechanism basically slows the attacking opponent down when they unsuccessfully dash into the player holding the ball.

Be sure to take a closer look at these brand-new trailers to learn a little bit more about Roller Champions:

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