ENDLESS DUNGEON: New Era in Evolution of Amplitude's Universe Will Begin in Near Future


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ENDLESS DUNGEON: New Era in Evolution of Amplitude's Universe Will Begin in Near Future

Dungeon of the Endless was a moderate hit, but Paris-based Amplitude Studios is willing to give the rogue-lite genre another shot with Endless Dungeon — the renowned video game developer's next major project.

The premise of Endless Dungeon is relatively simple: "Shipwrecked on an abandoned space station of the ancient and powerful Endless civilization, your only hope of ever leaving is to unravel the secrets of this place. You assemble your team of heroes and defend your crystal against never-ending waves of monsters as you delve deep into the heart of this cursed place or (perhaps inevitably) die trying, and find yourself back where you began, for death is not the end here." Obviously, you will be able to play through the game with friends in co-op (as Endless Dungeon will support both online & split-screen co-op).

Although Endless Dungeon was officially announced during last week's The Game Awards 2020, the original top-down shooter will reportedly be releasing for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC (exclusively via Steam) in the very near future. You can also wishlist the title right now.

For those unfamiliar with Amplitude's famous franchise, Endless Dungeon will actually be the 6th entry in the Endless series, which currently consists of five critically acclaimed video games: 2012's Endless Space, 2014's Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless, 2017's Endless Space 2, and 2019's Love Thyself - A Horatio Story.

To learn a little bit more about Endless Dungeon, take a closer look at this intriguing announcement trailer: